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It’s about following your passion.  Decades were spent in the automotive industry.  From dealerships and retail sales management, to exotic acquisitions  and full chassis-up restorations, Harry Fulford – founder of Fulford Offroad – decided to “go there” instead. Where?  Offroad.  Outdoors.  God’s country.

Harry is an avid outdoor person, cycler and fan of nature.  So, Fulford Offroad was born – to go there,  and help others get there. 

Fulford Offroad builds, sells, and customizes Jeeps and Tacoma’s.  Harry has chosen to specialize in the customization of these particular two vehicles – two of the most prolific and reliable outdoor vehicle types every built. 

We tailor vehicles to purpose.  From beach days, to trail running, to more aggressive overlanding we deliver a reliable, safe and fun experience.  Our customized vehicles will take you, your friends or family – there.  Go there – wherever that may be for you.  We’ll build the vehicle that best suits getting you “there” and back.

Go there.

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